Moog Memorymoog

Moog Memorymoog

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Moog Memorymoog for sale. This unit's been completely rebuilt, meticulously refurbished and future-proofed, and had its OS updated. This was a HUGE investment of time, love and money, which has resulted in a Memorymoog that's better than the rest and that's priced accordingly. 

Photos show a previously sold unit and will be updated once photos of this unit are available.

The Memory Moog is a great all-around analog poly synth - it's extremely warm, fat and sounds great. It was originally advertised as 6 Minimoogs in 1 machine. While it has a similar sound, it's a much more powerful beast. It's 6 voice polyphonic. Each voice consists of 3 oscillators, one of which can go to low frequency, an additional dedicated LFO with multiple waveforms and modulation routings, lowpass filter, 2 envelopes, oscillator sync, noise source, additional modulation via vco 3 and VCF envelope, monophonic unison mode for huge sounds, arpeggiator, hold mode for 1 finger chords, etc. Best of all, it's programmable, so you can write your sounds to memory and recall them with the push of a button. This synth can produce most analog sounds you can think of, and does it better than most other synths, plus has that classic Moog sound. Great for strings, bass, brass, funky and crazy synth sounds and more.