Moog Memorymoog Plus

Moog Memorymoog Plus

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Moog Memorymoog Plus for sale.

This unit's been meticulously overhauled and future-proofed, sparing no expense, unlike the typically half-assed jobs done by most other techs/sellers (if they even bother to service theirs). The refurbishing process required over 62 hours of skilled vintage synth tech labor, plus parts costs. This work is very time consuming and costly and is reflected in our price. 

This particular example is one of a very few with black aluminum sides. 

Here's some of the work (much of it preventative) that we did to this unit:

-Rebuilt power supply 
-Replaced power inlet
-Disassembled and cleaned inside and out
-Cleaned and lubed switches
-Cleaned and lubed potentiometers
-Replaced trimpots
-Replaced electrolytic capacitors 
-Identified and corrected factory error (they installed some wrong parts!)
-Cleaned jacks
-Replaced nuts and washers
-Removed and cleaned all keys
-Replaced felt
-Cleaned key contacts
-Replaced some connectors
-Replaced 40174 ICs x8
-Replaced 4051 ICs x8
-Tested systematically multiple times, all tests passed
-Replaced 3 LEDs. These typically break during disassembly. The new ones are brighter than the originals.

This unit has OS-90 (DBM Tech) installed.

The Memory Moog + has all the features of the original version, but has MIDI. 

Here's a video of the unit we are currently selling, with a note we included in a recently newsletter (which you should sign up for here):

"We posted a couple videos to our Youtube and Instagram (which you should follow!) and a couple people said this Memorymoog sounded “out of tune”. Here’s our reply:

“Out of tune suggests there’s a problem. There is no problem. All 18 oscillators tune exactly as they should. Any detuning you hear here is intentional - detuning oscillators creates a fatter and more interesting sound. We will shoot a video of this unit being systematically tested that will show all 18 oscillators tuned to the same pitch and resulting boring sound before it ships out and will keep it on hand until its buyer has acknowledged its working perfectly once it arrives at its new home”.

The oscillators in this first video are tuned more closely at 1:28:

Here's another video below, though we still needed to tweak the filter slightly when this one was shot- you probably won't notice it though. If you watch after the 3 minute mark, there’s less intentional detuning and pitch modulation. 

 Here are a couple videos of a Memorymoog we previously sold sounding fabulous: