Moog Memorymoog Plus

Moog Memorymoog Plus

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Moog Memorymoog Plus for sale. This unit's been meticulously overhauled and future-proofed, sparing no expense, unlike the typically half-assed servicing jobs other sellers pay for or other techs perform before they sell their gear (if they even bother to service theirs).  Our standard Memorymoog restoration includes a power supply recap, a connector fix, replacement of tuning trimpots with precision ones, recalibration and a full servicing to make our Memory Moogs better and more stable than any stock MM and to promote longterm reliability. This work is very time consuming and costly and is reflected in our price. Beware of other sellers who take our prices out of context and think their neglected old piece of junk is worth even close to what our fully overhauled gear is worth. 

The Memory Moog + has all the features of the original version but with the addition of MIDI. 

The unit shown in the pics here has been sold, but the pics will be updated shortly.

Here's a video of the unit we are currently selling:

....and another, though we still needed to tweak the filter slightly when this one was shot- you probably won't notice it though:

 Here are a couple videos of a Memorymoog we previously sold sounding fabulous: