Moog Minimoog Model D Vintage

Moog Minimoog Model D Vintage

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Vintage Moog Model D Minimoog for sale. Fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out, meticulously serviced over 26 hours, sparing no expense, to be better than others you may see on the market and working exactly the way you'll want it to, unlike most. The wooden case was refinished as well. The time quoted above does not require the refinishing time. In addition to considerable tech fees, we paid a furniture restorer another $500 for the refinishing of the case.

In addition to any repairs, here's what was done to this Minimoog to make it better than others you may find: 

Fully stripped down, cleaned inside and out.
All switches cleaned.
All jacks cleaned.
Opened, cleaned and lubed all pots.
Cleaned wheels.
Replaced jones connector plugs.
Replaced some screws with new ones.
Cleaned bus bars and spring contacts. Lubed.
Removed and installed new neon lamp.
Adjusted keys.
Replaced all metal knob caps.
Replaced important trim pots. 
Replaced power transformer (the original one was making noise, which is common with transformers)
Keyboard bushings were replaced recently and are in good shape.
Replaced bender pot.
Adjusted VCA 1 and 2 for DC offset.
Calibrated all VCOs.
Calbrated filter. 
New neopren installed in wooden case. 

Note: This particular minimoog has sold but we are working on another that'll be ready soon - email us. 

Here's a video featuring this particular Mini moog:

We buy, sell, repair and trade vintage Minimoog synthesizers.

The Minimoog is the quintessential analog monosynth. Best known for its beefy bass and funky lead lines, the Mini-moog can make lots of other analog sounds - from musical to sound effects. The Mini has such a smooth, fat and powerful sound that nearly every modern virtual analog synth tries to sound like it. This Minimoog we're offering here and now is the real deal. A VINTAGE Model D which will only go up in value, unlike some new piece of gear which will only drop in price once the new improved version comes out. Anyway, the Minimoog is probably the most revolutionary and popular synthesizer of all time. Its sweet sound can be heard all over music from the 70s to today. Notable Mini users are: Kraftwerk, Parliament / P-Funk (and lots of Dr. Dre productions), Depeche Mode, Keith Emerson, Devo, Vince Clarke, Bernie Worrell, Steve Winwood, Jan Hammer, David Frank, Geoff Downes, Gary Wright, Herbie Hancock, Gary Numan, Rick Wakeman, etc..... Frankly, almost all of the synth players of the 70s used at least one of these and most of the players since then who love analog synths have a Mini around as well. If you need a vintage synth, dont mess around - just buy this Mini and be done with it. (Well, vintage synths are a hard habit to shake, so once youre happy with this Mini, let me know and I will hook you up with some other choice vintage gear) :)