Moog Polymoog Synthesizer 203A

Moog Polymoog Synthesizer 203A

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Moog Polymoog Synthesizer 203A for sale. The unit showed here belonged to famous avant-garde musician Robert Ashley and is not for sale. However, we have another one we can attempt to restore for you if you wish to place a pre-order here. These are big, heavy and complicated machines and restoration is a very lengthy and therefore costly process. While Polymoogs are often sold for low prices, few if any have had the amount of time, love and money invested in them that we invest in our Poly Moogs to ensure they're working perfectly again, so buy with confidence.

This Poly Moog is labelled Keyboard but is actually the full Polymoog Synthesizer, which allows access to all parameters. We believe all Polymoogs were called "Keyboard" until the limited preset-only version came out, after which the ones with the full control panel like this one were called Synthesizers and the preset ones were called Keyboards. We love this vintage synth.  Its got an extremely warm sound which sounds like nothing else and feel its one of the best polyphonic analog synths out there.  It's great for warm analog sounds. We use it most to play chords - warm strings, deep pads, synth brass, etc.  It's got 2 oscillators per note and wave shaping capability, vibrato, a beautiful resonant multimode filter and more.  The additional built in resonator section provides excellent control over the tonal quality of its sounds. This synth cost a small fortune when it came out and has been used by quite a few famous synth players.  Our favorite recordings featuring the Polymoog(s) are by Gary Numan and Kraftwerk, but it's also reportedly been used by Blondie, Keith Emerson, Larry Fast, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jan Hammer, Prince, Klaus Schulze, Rick Wakeman and others.

Estimated preparation time: 0-3 weeks