Moog Prodigy Mk2

Moog Prodigy Mk2

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Moog Prodigy Mark 2 Model 336A for sale. If this is sold out, please search our website for Prodigy to see if we have a mk 1 available.

This is one of our favorite Moog synthesizers.  It sounds very similar to the classic Minimoog but is a little easier to use and more cost effective.  It's also smaller and therefore more portable.  It offers a lot of features and has a beautiful warm and fat tone, which to us and many others sounds much nicer than most other analog synthesizers.  The Prodigy is excellent for both the beginner and the experienced pro.  Its got enough features to create a very wide assortment of sounds - funky basses, analog leads, blips, effects and many other sounds you would expect from a synth from the 70's but is laid out in a very logical way and is therefore easy to figure out and work with.  It's got 2 oscillators so you can tune intervals and offers oscillator sync to get nasty sweeping leads.  

LFO mod rate
LFO shape
oscillator mod on off
filter mod on off
oscillator 1
sync osc 2 to osc 1
waveform (saw tri pul)
oscillator 2:
waveform (saw tri square)
mixer: osc 1 & 2, master volume
filter keyboard tracking (0,1/2, full)
lowpass VCF:
cutoff freq
contour amount (envelope depth)
emphasis (resonance)
filter contour and loudness (envelopes):
decay/release (with switch)
power light
2 1/2 octave

The original Prodigy just had a single audio output jack. Booooring! The one you see here is a later version with S trigger in/out, keyboard in/out, oscillator in, vcf in, sync in and hi level audio out.  These connections are a must if you want to interface it with other gear.  Without them, you won't be able to hook a Prodigy up to CV Gate or MIDI devices (the later through a MIDI to CV convertor, which we sometimes have in stock).  

Photos are not yet available, so the images here show a previously sold unit.