Moog Sonic Six

Moog Sonic Six

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Moog Sonic Six For Sale. Meticulously overhauled by professionals and better than the rest.

We fully refurbished this Sonic Six. This was an investment of 29 hours of skilled vintage synth tech time. There's a huge difference between the working condition of this instrument and most of the others that are out there. Ours works perfectly and is a pleasure to play, no excuses. This unit was fully disassembled and cleaned inside and out. The keyboard bushings were removed and replaced with brand new ones. The key guides were adjusted. All contacts were properly cleaned. All keys were removed and cleaned. Key heights and spacing were adjusted. Some keys were polished. Some screws were replaced with new ones. Replaced all electrolytic capacitors. Cleaned and lubed all potentiometers and switches. Cleaned all jacks. Replaced jack nuts and washers. Replaced trimpots. Recalibrated. Justifiably priced higher than the lesser examples being sold by amateurs who didnt invest nearly 30 hours restoring theirs to work like new again.  


The Moog Sonic 6 is a really interesting synthesizer. Its also a rare find. It folds up into a portable suitcase and has its own built in speaker.
We love using the Sonic VI for sound effects but it's also great for typical Moog type synth sounds and other sounds youd expect from an analog synth. It's got 2 oscillators, a ring modulator, sweet moog lowpass resonant filter, mixer section, TWO LFO's, adjustable scaling for microtones, VCA / envelope generator and external input for processing outside sources, gliss, pitchbender, 4 octave keyboard, etc.  It's a really flexible synth that's lots of fun to play.  Although its not modular, its got nice modulation possibilities. Thanks to these modulation options, the ring modulator and the 2 LFO's, you can get some really complex, evolving sounds out of it which you wouldn't be able to make on most other hardwired analog synths.  It's also great for droning sounds - you can bypass the envelope so the ring modulator or oscillators go straight to the output and have volume control over them as well. Or, you could have one or both of the 2 LFOs trigger the envelope generator so it'll play itself! If you play another instrument and want to process it through the Sonic6, thats also an option, thanks to its external input.