Moog Taurus II

Moog Taurus II

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Moog Taurus II for sale. Synth, pedals and power supply. Meticulously overhauled - a process requiring 16 hours of valuable skilled vintage synth tech time - and way better than the other lower priced ones out there. You get what you pay for. It's like a Rogue but without a keyboard. Instead, you play it with your feet. Or via CV gate.

Shipping calculator estimate (if available) is for just the synth section, so shipping will cost significantly more.

Here's what our tech did to this T2:

-Removed melted foam layer between front panel and faders and cleaned up. This stuff makes a mess and takes a long time to remove. So annoying and necessary for all Taurus 2s and Rogues. 
-Removed slide pots, opened and cleaned and lubed, reinstalled.
-Disassembled, cleaned inside and out.
-Cleaned and lubed key contacts.
-Removed bender and modulation wheels, which were originally yellowed, and bleached them so they'd be white again.
-Replaced felt.
-Replaced rubber feet.
-Replaced terminals for molex connectors (x6)
-Installed new wooden sides.
-Recalibrated VCOs, VCF, VCA 
-Replaced original adapter with new one.