Multivox MX-2000 Duo

Multivox MX-2000 Duo

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Multivox MX-2000 Duo for sale.
This one needs work and we're selling it as-is as we need to focus our tech time on higher value items. Someone's selling a fully working one for twice the price.

Here are notes we took when we got it a long time ago:

when filter manual is off, cutoff still works.  Also, vco bleeds through and modulation speed LFO bleeds through - clicks.  French horn sound - duo control 2nd oscillator frequency adjust not working - theres a very high pitch low volume bleed through in unison and variable modes but fader does not work.  random note feature random trigger select seems to be pink noise modulation.  volume is very low, much lower than envelope trigger mode.  may or may not be normal.  in low transpose mode, can hear duo but cant change pitch.  some sounds sound too short like clarinet and oboe, maybe singing voice.  key contacts sometimes retrigger on release. percolate sound has very very long release. wooden side was broken off and was glued by a previous owner who didn't do it well. this unit may have been worked on since these notes were taken, but we didn't document any work that may or may not have been done. Please email us to discuss.