Multivox MX-2000 Duo

Multivox MX-2000 Duo

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Multivox MX-2000 Duo for sale.

This unit has been serviced and appears to be working as it should. 

If you have one of these, please contact us.

We don't have a manual or other example of this model to compare to and don't usually work on this model. We noticed a few things that seem a little odd but that we think are probably normal. However, since we're not 100% sure, we wanted to mention them: the accordion sound is inaudible if the sustain or hold switches are off. the random trigger function appears to be noise modulation. It cannot be heard on some sounds or sounds erratic on others when the sustain long or hold switches are not activated. Once activated, things seem right. When the filter manual switch is off, the cutoff frequency fader still works (which, if somehow not normal, would be useful). You can hear some low level oscillator bleed when playing some sounds (our tech says this seems to be normal). In the unlikely event that these things aren't normal, this synth is still plays great and is extremely useful if you're looking for a cool analog solo synth. 

While this instrument's quite similar to the Roland SH-2000, it adds an extra oscillator and ring modulator, making it much more useful. 

Note the sides on this unit appear to have broken off and been reglued/nailed back in place long before we got it. Whoever did this didn't do a very good job at it, so be careful when you move it. We've seen SH2000 keyboards with broken wooden end pieces too, so if you own an MX2000 or SH2000, don't lift it up by its sides! 

 Here's a video of the unit that's for sale here: