Oberheim 2 Voice w/sequencer

Oberheim 2 Voice w/sequencer

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Oberheim Two Voice for sale. This TVS-1A has been fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out and meticulously serviced over many hours. It's in superb condition and working perfectly - we doubt you'll find a nicer one. 

The unit shown here has been sold but we may have another we can prepare for you - email us.


Here's this 2 voice in action:

The 2 voice is one of our favorite vintage synths. A single voice (called an SEM = Synthesizer Expander Module)  is surprisingly powerful, offering 2 oscillators, 2 envelopes (1 for filter, 1 for volume), an LFO, pulse width modulation and a SWEET multimode filter with sweepable mode (which few synths offered). This 2 voice has.... 2 voices, so you can play 4 oscillators per key for a nice fat sound. Nothing sounds like it to us and we have had played more synths than anyone we know. This is our personal favorite for musical analog sounds. The TVS can play up to 2 separate pitches at once.  Back in the day, this was impressive.  

Famous users of SEM based synths include: Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Styx, Larry Fast (Synergy), Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, Human League, Lyle Mays, Michael McDonald / Doobie Brothers, Patrick Moraz, Pink Floyd, Steve Porcaro, The Shamen, Tim Simenon, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke / Erasure, Tangerine Dream, Stevie Wonder and many other influential musicans.