Oberheim Matrix-12

Oberheim Matrix-12

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Oberheim Matrix-12 for sale. Meticulously overhauled by the most critical professionals around. 

Our tech did the following work to this unit to make it better than the rest / promote longevity: 

Power supply capacitors replaced.
Battery replaced.
Patches reloaded.
Cleaned all switch contacts.
Cleaned unit inside and out.
Installed new encoders to prevent the usual glitchiness one often experiences with original 40 year old encoders (changed ceramic caps in circuit for compatibility). 
Cleaned key contacts and PCB. 
Cleaned sensor.
Replaced pitch and mod lever potentiometers with new ones since the originals are often problematic these days. 
Multiple systematic burn in tests to ensure stability. 

OS ROM 1.1, voice 1.6.

Here are a couple videos of this unit in action: 

Those who know the Oberheim Xpander know it's one of the most fabulous analog synths ever made.  When it came out, it was one of the first synths that offered the flexibility of a modular synth in a more up to date MIDI capable package. What made it so special was that most of the parameters could be modulated by a number of sources.  The Matrix-12 is like having 2 Oberheim Xpanders with a keyboard.  So, naturally, the Matrix-12 is going to kick twice as much a$$.  :)  It's multitimbral and 12 voice polyphonic, twice that of the Xpander.  It's got oscillator sync and frequency modulation which many synths from that time didn't have.  We feel its filters are its greatest strength - there are many modes to choose from - different types of lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, etc... And lots of envelope generators and LFOs, tracking generators, ramp generators, etc.. Thanks to all its options, this is a great synth for the serious synthesist. Or, if you failed physics, use the preset sounds. This model sounds great without being overpowering (unless you want it to).  

Famous users of the Xpander and Matrix-12 include: Michael Brecker (RIP) (We own his Xpander and Matrix-12), Vince Clarke of Erasure (Vince actually sold us one of his 2 Xpanders), Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Herbie Hancock, Steve Roach, Larry Fast, Nitzer Ebb, Scritti Politti, Van Halen and many, many other serious synth musicians.  This is one of our favorite synths and is highly recommended.