Oberheim Matrix-6R

Oberheim Matrix-6R

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Oberheim Matrix-6R for sale. Fully serviced by professionals and working great! The synth engine inside this unit is the same as that inside a Matrix-1000, however, you can use the front panel controls on this unit to edit sounds. The M6r also has a split mode where you can use two different sounds at the same time.

2 available, both pictured here. 

Both units worked fine when we got them, but we paid our tech to take the following preventative measures anyway so that hopefully they will outlast all others:

Power supply electrolytic capacitors replaced.
Removed old battery, installed new battery holder and battery.
Burn in test, all tests passed.    

The one without rack ears is sn 630388. Price is as shown.
The one with ears is sn 682369. Price is $100 more than the price shown.