Oberheim OB-8 Page 2

Oberheim OB-8 Page 2

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Oberheim OB-8 with Page 2 graphics for sale. Fully refurbished and future-proofed by perfectionists, sparing no expense. Our OB-8s are the best you'll find anywhere.

This unit was fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out, meticulously serviced and fully and properly tested and is in perfect working order, unlike most. 

We can add a MIDI retrofit for an additional fee - please email for details.

The OB8 was one of the most popular polysynths of the 80's and has been used by many artists.  It's also an excellent source of sounds for modern music (techno, house, pop, whatever) and is a popular vintage synth.  It's an extremely versatile synth, capable of producing a huge variety of sounds - from lush strings to fat, juicy basses, to smooth leads, stabs, brass, analog effects, etc.  If we had to list our favorite analog polyphonic synths, this one would definitely be on top! 

Here are some basic features:
-8 note polyphonic
-split and layer capability for 2 analog sounds at once
-2 VCOs per voice, includes oscillator sync
-modulation routing section
-2 pole / 4 pole filter select
-dual envelopes