Oberheim OB-8 w/ MIDI

Oberheim OB-8 w/ MIDI

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Oberheim OB-8 with MIDI For Sale. Meticulously Refurbished.

This one sold but we have another we may be able to sell you - email us.

This unit came to us in relatively good condition, but we fully rebuilt it to our high standards regardless, as we want our ob8s to be in top operational condition when they leave here, and to hopefully outlast all others too. This meticulous restoration took approximately 30 hours of skilled vintage synth tech time and this is of course factored into its price. Someone replaced the original keyboard with a different keyboard mechanism which works just fine, but the keys have a somewhat tighter feel than the original keyboard. There's also an added toggle switch on the front panel that's connected to the filter jack. This unit is an earlier version with 3080 VCAs as opposed to the CEM ones in the later version. We rebuilt the power supply with new capacitors, diodes and trimpots. All other trimpots inside this unit were replaced as well. We replaced molex terminal connectors, a common cause of bad connections and malfunction. We installed a new battery for the memory backup section and reloaded factory patches. We replaced all capacitors in the power line as well as the 4051 multiplexer on each voice. All pots were cleaned and lubed. All jacks cleaned, the unit disassembled and cleaned inside and out, and properly recalibrated. We also performed our special mod for improved tuning. This OB8 should make anyone looking for a fully functional OB8 very happy - you'll have a hard time finding a nicer one anywhere.