Oberheim OB-SX

Oberheim OB-SX

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Oberheim OB-SX For Sale Refurbished, Future-proofed & Improved

We paid our tech to fully overhaul and future-proof this unit so it would not only work like new for its next owner but to also hopefully extend its life way beyond others you may find. The following work was done, sparing no expense, and the resulting instrument is better than all others of its kind and is of course priced higher than the others to reflect the work we did to ours that other sellers didn't do to theirs. Ours should tune better too. You get what you pay for. 

Disassembled and cleaned inside and out.
Dip switches replaced.
Power switch replaced.
Cleaned all pots. 
Voice mother board.
Replaced molex terminals in power section. 
Resoldered connector pins.
Replaced autotune resistors for more precision. 
Replaced VCO range trims, scaling trims.
Replaced power supply electrolytic capacitors, trimpots.
Replaced 4051s x6.
Replaced gate IC59 (4099 x1).
Adjusted power supply voltage.
Voice cards: Replaced resistors for precision tuning, trimpots, electrolytic caps.
Recalibrated VCOs, VCFs.
Replaced pitch bend and mod wheel lever pots.
Cleaned jacks.
Removed and cleaned all keys, cleaned keyboard chassis.
Removed old bushings, adjusted metal guides, replaced with new bushings.
Cleaned J-wires.
Cleaned and lubed bus bars.
Extended burn in test and several systematic tests to ensure reliability. 
See video below! 

This represents a rare opportunity to buy an OB-SX that works perfectly, tunes better than others, and will hopefully keep working perfectly long into the future. We wouldn't sell it if we didn't have another just like it in our studio collection.

For years, we avoided buying this vintage analog polysynth because it was preset-only. However, someone recently created a MIDI retrofit (not included) that plugs into the communication port on the back of it that also allows for full editing of all parameters via MIDI CC data, bringing this synth up to the legendary level of the OBX, OBXa and OB8! To us, it sounds like a cross between an OBXa and OB8, plus it's got the benefit of being smaller and lighter. Even without this retrofit, it's a great synth with knobs for some very important parameters on the front panel so you can make adjustments to customize the preset sounds. 

Here's a video of this OBSX in action: