Oberheim OB-X Rebuilt + Improved

Oberheim OB-X Rebuilt + Improved

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Oberheim OB-X For Sale. This unit is currently without MIDI, though we may be able to add MIDI at an additional cost. Please search our site for OB-X to view other units we may have available / to read about this particular model.

OBx's are well known for their tuning problems. Frankly, standard OBX tuning sucks and, as perfectionists, we have a hard time selling items that aren't up to our high standards. 

This unit has gone through our extensive refurbishing process, which we do in an attempt to promote the longterm reliability of our OB's. This also includes tuning upgrades to make our X's tune much better than all others. An OB-X with 8 voices that actually tune well across their entire range. Imagine that!

This is a huge amount of work that most techs can't or won't do due to lack of skill, laziness or lack of funding, as this is a very costly endeavor. This one took us approximately 60 hours of skilled labor. The high price naturally reflects this, but the resulting synth is so much better than other OBXs out there.

Beware of other sellers putting similar prices on their way inferior junk. They're almost never anywhere near as good as our OBs. We watched an unserviced (=very broken) unit sell for way too close to what we sold our last one for. The value of the work we performed on this unit by far exceeds the price difference.

The previous owner had this one stored "safely" in its flight case for many years. When he removed it, he realized the foam from the case had deteriorated and melted into the back of the synth. This is very common with gear stored in cases for many years. You can see the results of this in the photos of the back panel. Before he shipped it to us, he removed the original foam and replaced it with new foam. We are currently selling this case separately, but if we still have it, we will require the buyer to purchase it for the $200 we paid for it.


This one's been sold, but we may have another we can prepare for you.
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