Oberheim OB-X w/ MIDI & Upgraded

Oberheim OB-X w/ MIDI & Upgraded

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Oberheim OB-X with MIDI for sale.

This 8 voice OBX will be fully refurbished - rebuilt and UPGRADED to work better than other OB-Xs, a process requiring a whopping 80 hours or so of skilled labor. This extensive work is of course factored into this instrument's price.

This one's been sold, but we may have another we can prepare for you. 
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We fully disassembled and cleaned this unit, fixed all functional defects no matter how small, replaced aging components known to commonly fail, did lots of other preventative stuff in an effort to promote the long term health of this obx. We also replaced components that were originally responsible for poor tuning (even when new) with modern precision ones to make this OBX's tuning better than any stock unit. Those familiar with the OBX should realize what a huge improvement this is. Unlike most OBX's, this one won't require a hefty restoration bill and long wait to get it working well, and shouldn't have you making excuses for poor tuning. This OBX required a huge investment of time, love and money to make it better and more costly than the rest, but we feel it was well worth it and hopefully you will too. 

The OBX is one of the first classic polysynths from around the same time as the also popular Prophet-5.  It cost a fortune when it came out (in 1970s dollars)!  This is still a very sought after vintage synth today thanks to its warm analog sound.  The circuitry inside the OBX is mainly discrete and is said to be very similar to that of the Oberheim SEM and SEM based synths, namely the 2 Voice, 4 Voice and 8 Voice.  Its even closer in design the OB-1.  Its the OB-X 's similarities to the older Oberheims which make it more warm sounding than the OBXa and OB8 (which are both CEM based).  I have a hard time disliking any synth, but some people swear the later OB's sound inferior to the OBX.  I like both and wouldn't replace one with the other.  The OBX sounds great.  I like it best for warm, rich chords - strings, evolving sounds and stabs especially.  Its also great for analog synth bass and sounds really nice for all other sounds you'd expect to get from a typical analog polysynth.  This instrument was reportedly used by the following famous musicians, though I'm sure its far from complete: David Adelstein of Bob Welch band, Barclay James Harvest, Barbieri of the bandJapan, Jeff Bova of Herbie Hancock band, David Bryan, Christians, Chick Corea, Bill Cuomo of Kim Carnes Band, Billy Currie, Depeche Mode, Tyrone Downie of Wailers, Electronic Dream Planet, Chris Franke of Paul Haslinger of Tangerine Dream, Mickey Gallagher of Blockheads, Miquette Giraudy, Phillip Glass Ensemble, Steve Hillage, Duane Hitchings of Kim Carnes Band, Chas Jankel, Jean Michel Jarre, Jaz of Killing Joke, Geddy Lee of Rush, Mick Karn, Richard Martin, Andy Nye of Michael Schenker Group, Mike Oldfield, Queen, Ian Underwood, Wix Wickens, Youth, Hector Zazou