Octave Voyetra 8 rev 4

Octave Voyetra 8 rev 4

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Octave Voyetra 8 Rev 4 for sale. 

Note: this particular unit has been sold but we have a rev 3 we can sell you.

Disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully rebuilt and greatly improved by vintage synth specialists with decades of experience with these and other complex synths (us). These are very complicated machines that are difficult to work on, even with circuit board extender cards (which we have).

Properly restoring and upgrading a V8 in an attempt to future-proof it the way we do it (as perfectionists) usually requires 60-80 hours or more of skilled tech work and results in an instrument that performs better than it did when it left the factory and certainly way better than any others you may find. In the original Voyetra 8, components were not precise enough, causing things to sound out of tune - but not in a good way. Our custom modifications stabilize tuning and make the modulation section more precise so the effect of modulation across all voices is similar. We consider these modifications essential and - as serious musicans with a well-tuned ears - wouldn't want a V8 without it.

Our Voyetra Eights are the best in the world. The huge investment of time, love and money to get them this way is of course reflected in its price.

We refurbished and sold this unit to a customer around 2 years ago. He shifted his interests and we bought it back from him, knowing it's been meticulously refurbished and better than all others (except for the others we meticulously refurbed). We went through it thoroughly and it is in perfect working order. Photos here show the actual unit being sold. These are the photos we took prior to selling it to him. He treated it very well, but we will compare it to the photos here and, if there are any differences, we will take more and repost.

If you really want one of these, buy it now as we don't know if or when we're going to perfect another one of these or how much we'll have to charge for it - it's way too much work!

Voyetra Eight rev 4, fully refurbished and improved with our custom tuning stabilization upgrades, for sale now at tonetweakers.com. This is one of the best polysynths ever made. These preset sounds don't really do it justice, but we're not getting paid to make sounds here, so 🙂. This ones a consignment piece that's gotta go. Please email us through our website if seriously interested in owning this fine specimen that sounds much better than any v8 you'll find anywhere else. Apologies for the poor videography. It seems our camera man was nodding off. 😡 #tonetweakers #voyetra8 #voyetra #8 #eight #neworder #vintagesynth #polysynth #synth #synthesizer #analog #analogsynth #80s #80smusic #vintage #sounds #sound #recording #homestudio #recordingstudio #producer #producerlife #studio #electronicmusic

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 This synth is one of the fattest, warmest sounding MIDI synths ever produced. In our opinion, it's among the best MIDI capable, true vintage analog polyphonic synthesizers available. We think it sounds half way between a Moog Memorymoog and the Oberheim OB8, only it's got more features and is definitely more stable and cleaner sounding than the MM (we usually have these 2 synths in stock as well). Combined polyphony is 8 note and there are split, layer and whole modes. Each voice has 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 EGs, cross modulation, sync, 24 db VCF, and excellent modulation possibilities.

The Octave Voyetra-Eight was a favorite of New Order, the Eurythmics, the Shamen, Electronic and others. Our friend and customer Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is a user too - he was nice enough to mention us in his blog here "Add hours of syncing waveforms, oh and the Voyetra bass-line which rips the track apart at every change (also purchased from ToneTweakers.com!)". We've also sold these to other musicians you definitely know.

Optional keyboard may be available separately, please search our site for Octave to see if we have one in stock. 

Note: We are hoping to soon convert rev 3 machines to rev 4 machines by replacing the software and adding some circuitry, so the only visible difference between one of our rev 4s that started out as a rev 3 and some if not all of the later machines that left the factory as rev 4 units will be the black tear shaped knobs. We like the r3 knobs better because they point to their current position. If you'd like us to convert your r3 to a r4 and the high cost of the conversion is not a deterrent, please get in touch.