Roland Alpha Juno-2

Roland Alpha Juno-2

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Roland Alpha Juno-2 for sale. Meticulously serviced by professionals and electronically better than the rest. This unit came to us in relatively good working order, but the aftertouch mechanism wasn't working as well as it should, so we replaced it. We also fully serviced so it will hopefully outlast all others of its kind. This treatment required 8 hours of highly skilled and valuable labor, which is of course reflected in its higher than usual price.

Cleaned inside and out. Replaced tact switches side panel. Replaced power supply capacitors. Resoldered regulators. Replaced battery. Removed keyboard, cleaned keys, cleaned key chassis. Cleaned key contacts. Fully tested, systematically, over a long period.

Note: the display inverter emits a tone but its in perfect working order and the backlight still works too. To be clear, the tone comes out of the display and not the synth's audio output.