Roland JD-800

Roland JD-800

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Roland JD-800 For Sale. 

The JD800 keyboard mechanism was unfortunately a flawed design. Roland used pink glue to adhere metal weights to the bottom of every key, but the glue would usually melt over time, resulting in a disgusting sticky mess and nonfunctional keyboard. At first, Roland took responsibility for this design flaw and sent out replacement keyboard mechanisms to those who complained, but after a certain point, they stopped providing replacements. Unfortunately, we have more than one JD-800 that's suffered this fate, so we are forced to sell these instruments with less than fully functional keyboards now. They do however still work via MIDI, so can be controlled from another MIDI keyboard, computer, etc. Or, perhaps you can replace the horrible Roland keyboard with the guts of a MIDI controller keyboard and fully restore this JD800's function. Our tech could probably do it (cause he can do anything), but, due to the relatively low value of these combined with the relatively high cost of repair, it would cost us too much to justify putting him on it. So we're selling it as is. Roland, if you're listening, we'd love replacement keyboards for ours - please hook a brother up!

Photos show a previously sold unit. This one's keyboard is in better shape, but some keys dont play, and some are stuck in up position / bring down adjacent notes when played.

Estimated preparation time: 0-1 weeks.