Roland Juno-106

Roland Juno-106

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Roland Juno-106 for sale. 

This one's been sold but we have another we may be able to prepare for you - email us.

Description of the previous one sold:

Completely overhauled in an effort to future-proof - cleaned inside and out and meticulously serviced over 12 hours and tested over and over again and working like new again. This 106 is better than the rest and should be more reliable than others you'll find on the market and is therefore priced accordingly.


Disassembled and cleaned. resoldered MIDI jacks. Recapped power supply. Resoldered connectors, power regulator and transistors. Removed old dust shield for slide pots and replace with new ones. Removed 80017a vcf/vcaq ICs x 6. Chemically removed resin coating that normally causes problems. Reinstalled. Replaced all tact switches with new ones for optimal performance. Replaced battery, checked voltage, cleaned and lubed all pots and switches. Re-soldered jack bbd board. Cleaned front panel. Removed keys. Cleaned keys. Cleaned key contact pcb and rubber key contacts. Re-installed keys. Burn in test. Recalibrated. Systematically tested unit multiple times, all tests passed.

As noted, of course the resin on all six 80017 chips inside this unit was chemically removed like it has to be for reliability. If you're considering buying a 106 that hasn't received this treatment, don't, as it's very likely it will malfunction once used regularly, if it's not already misbehaving. Buy with confidence. No excuses or BS, this is the 106 to buy.

The Juno106 is world-famous for its great tone and ease of use. It has just enough parameters to make some incredibly useful sounds and not enough to make the inexperienced synthesists head explode from confusion. :) It's perfect for smooth analog basses, funky leads, noises, blips, beautiful warm analog strings and more. Its easy to tell when you hear it because few synths sound like it. The 106 is a real classic and an essential tool for many musicians and producers.  

This synth has been used on a wide range of recordings - from your favorite synthpop groups of the eighties to the best techno, house, hip hop, drum and bass, jazz and other artists of today. William Orbit (Madonna's producer), Vince Clarke of Erasure, the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Human League, Shamen, Underworld, Moby, George Michael, Autechre, Vangelis and many, many others.

This synth is similar to the Juno-60 and Juno-6 but has the added benefit of MIDI so you can use it with any hardware or computer MIDI sequencer.