Roland Jupiter-6

Roland Jupiter-6

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Roland Jupiter-6 for sale. Meticulously serviced and working perfectly, no excuses. 

We paid our tech for the 15 hours of highly skilled vintage synth restoration work needed to make this JP-6 better, more valuable and hopefully much more reliable long term than all others you may find. 


This unit has sold. We may have another we can prepare for you - email us.

Replaced caps for power supply. Removed old slide pot dust shields and replaced with new ones. Resoldered solder joints that are often problematic. Cleaned inside and out. Removed old battery, installed battery holder and installed new battery. Replaced caps (21) on voice boards. Reloaded factory patches. Installed new slide pots. Cleaned and lubed mix pot. Installed new tune pot. Cleaned and lubed keyboard bus bar and key contacts. Cleaned keyboard. Recalibrated in test mode. OS is A6 (CPU) and B3 (voice). Checked all jacks. Systematically tested everything multiple times, all tests passed. 

The Jupiter-6 is a very powerful vintage synth, capable of making a huge range of sounds.  It's got 2 oscillators per sound, cross modulation, LFO with different waveforms, oscillator sync, 2 envelopes, filter with lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes (different from all other Jupiters), super-fat unison mode, split mode and more.  

Here's a video of this particular JP-6 in action: