Roland MC-202

Roland MC-202

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Roland MC-202 Microcomposer In Original Box For Sale.
Micro-composer analog synth with 2 track cv gate sequencer and DIN sync. 

In immaculate condition, with original box (cardboard only, no foam inserts), you won't find a better looking one - it looks new to us (see pics)! Fully tested and working great!

Runs off 6 C batteries or Boss PSA-120s or similar external power adapter, not included. (Adapters are easy to find and will depend on your country's wall voltage). 


This is a really cool little machine. Think of it as half way between a Roland TB-303 and SH-101. Its like Rolands X0X box "workstation". As part of the Micro-composer family, it's also a lot like the MC-4 and MC-8 sequencers. Theres a built in analog synth section which can deliver some really fat bass sounds, blips and bloops as well as surprisingly good lead sounds. It also has a very interesting on board sequencer which can be used to control other old Rolands as well as other synths with 1 volt per octave CV and gate, like Sequential Circuits and ARP products. The sequencer can either be used in real time (you can play notes into it while recording) or in step time, where you have lots of control over gate and step time and can add accents and portamento. Adding accent to the filter and amplifier gives an effect similar to the TB-303's accent - very unique. There are actually 2 sequencer channels so you can use the 1st to control the internal synth and the 2nd to control another analog synth. It runs off batteries or standard adaptor (not included) so is nice and portable. There are jacks to connect it to a tape recorder for memory backup. Its got DIN sync connections designed to synchronize it with the TB-303, TR-808, TR-606, CR-8000, and TR-909 drum machines among others. This is a really fun machine and is great for funky basslines. We like it for techno and trance, but it can be used for a wide range of styles. 

Here's a video of one a 202 in action: