Roland MKS-20 for repair/parts

Roland MKS-20 for repair/parts

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Roland MKS-20 Digital Piano Module For Sale - Parts or Repair

We bought this from a customer who thought it was working years ago when he last used it. It wasnt working when we got it, so we opened it up to check it out and it was immediately obvious that someone had been inside it and attempted to repair it in the past.

We pay our tech by the hour, and it's not worth it for us from a business perspective to invest the money in refurbishing this unit because it's a relatively low value item and it's likely the value of that restoration time will exceed the maximum we could sell this unit for, but someone who's into DIY electronics repair as a hobby could make this a fun project, or this might be a good parts donor, though we would hate to see it gutted.

Our tech spent an hour assessing this unit, and here's what he noted before we told him to stop working on it: 

power supply capacitors should be replaced, as usual.
voice board: loose pcb, all spacers are broken. someone attempted to fix this with epoxy glue. 
D/A works.
Effects board does not.
ICs (4570 inline) dead.
Volume pot may or may not be broken.

steps suggested:

rebuild power supply
install new spacers
replace IC opamp
fix output board
redo wiring to power line
test and fix any remaining problems

We can't guarantee the above is accurate, but hopefully it'll be helpful to whoever ends up with this unit. 

While our tech is confident that he could repair it, tech skills vary and we have no idea what whoever ends up with this item is capable of, so we have to make it clear that this unit is being sold broken and strictly as is, with no guarantees whatsoever. We do not accept returns or issue refunds.

We got this unit without rack ears or a power cable, so this sale won't include either - what you see is what you get, nothing more and nothing less.