Roland MKS-30 Planet S

Roland MKS-30 Planet S

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Roland MKS-30 Planet S For Sale. This unit was meticulously overhauled over a whopping 11 hours - which isn't a lot for a vintage polyphonic synth but is a lot for this model considering its relatively low resale value. The preventative work we did to this unit make it better than others you may find, which is reflected in its higher than usual price. 

This unit was stripped down and cleaned inside and out. The 80017 chips all had their resin coating chemically removed as a preventative measure since they commonly fail when this coating isnt removed. Most people replace these chips with new clones instead of refurbishing them, but we like keeping parts original since that matters to many of our customers - if they wanted a synth made from new parts, they'd buy a new synth, not a vintage one. All tact switches were replaced for flawless operation. Power supply capacitors were replaced as a preventative measure. Removed, cleaned and lubed all pots. Removed old battery and replaced it with a new one. Cleaned all switches. Tested all functions systematically, twice. MIDI LED replaced. All tests passed. This unit sounds great and works great and should make its next owner very happy. Runs off 220 volts, so if you're not in a country where the voltage is 220v, you'll need an external transformer. Or, if you're in the US, we may be able to replace it with a US transformer for an additional fee.


Here's an MKS-30 in action: