Roland MKS-80

Roland MKS-80

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Roland MKS-80 for sale. This Super Jupiter synthesizer module has been fully refurbished. We resoldered connections we commonly see fail, recapped the power supply, replaced the battery and reloaded the sounds and replaced the backlight with a new one so the display is nice and bright. It's been fully tested and is working perfectly. Optional MPG-80 programmer also available at time of listing, please search our website.

The Roland MKS-80 is a classic analog synthesizer module with MIDI. It's considered by some to be Roland's best analog synthesizer, combining features of their classic Jupiter-8 and Jupiter-6 synthesizers. The good news is that this synth fits in a 2 space rack - no worrying about where to put two huge keyboards! This MKS80 is bi-timbral and can play two different sounds at once, each on different MIDI channels. This is one of the coolest synths from the 80s and is great for fat basses, warm strings and pads and all kinds of analog blips, leads and noises. Its unison mode allows you to stack all 8 voices on top of one another for up to 16 oscillators of fatness - few synths can sound this huge! It has a great solo mode with portamento but is also 8 note polyphonic so you can play chords (unlike many older analog synths). All parameters are fully controllable by MIDI, so if you have editing software, you can use virtual knobs to tweak all the parameters in realtime and record them into your sequencer! (Check with your sequencer manufacturer to verify this). If you need actual knobs, you can look around for the MPG-80 programmer module but we dont think its faders transmit MIDI so you're better off with an editor like SoundDiver or Peavey PC-1600 or similar to control it, if you need it. Sounds can also be edited from the front panel, though it takes some patience.

general features:
2 tones make up a patch - each can have its own midi channel or you can split
8 note polyphony
individual outs
64 patches - all user programmable
64 tones- all user programmable
tune knob
auto tune button
dynamic (touch) sensitivity
midi function mode switch
memory save write load and protect switches
edit tone, patch, upper, lower buttons
parameter fwd, bwd
value up, down
omni, poly, mono lights
bank and number select buttons
LCD display w contrast knob
Tone Parameters:
lfo1-rate, delay time, waveform
vco modulation: lfo 1 dep, env-1 depth
pulse width modulation - manual, mod depth, env lfo or kybd as source, pwm polarity
vco key follow and vco 1/2 selector
cross modulation depth, env 1 depth, polarity
vco1 modulation
vco1 range and waveform
vco sync mode
vco2 modulation
vco2 range and waveform, finetune
high pass cutoff freq
lowpass vcf: cutoff, resonance, EG select, polarity, env depth, LFO depth, key follow
VCA level, mod LFO1 depth
dynamics: time and level
envelope: reset sw, env 1 and 2 dynamics switches
ADSR and key follow for each env
Patch Parameters:
key mode
octave shift
assign mode
after touch
1/4" and XLR outputs per tone
MIDI in out and thru
din jack for optional MPG-80 programmer