Roland SH-5

Roland SH-5

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Roland SH-5 for sale. We meticulously refurbished this unit so it would play absolutely perfectly again (like new). This process took 14 hours of valuable skilled labor and the end result is an instrument that is better than any other you may find, and is pricing accordingly.

In addition to fixing any problems, we rebuilt the power supply, replacing capacitors, bridge diode, resoldering connections, adjusted voltage. Removed keyboard, removed and cleaned bus bars. Cleaned key contacts. Cleaned up front panel, knobs, resoldered bender board, cleaned and lubed all pots and switches, replaced caps on ADSR, VCF, VCO, ring mod and LFO boards. Resoldered connections. Replaced power cable. Cleaned tolex. Fixed a problem that was present when it was new - back panel VCO control didn't work because it wasn't wired up (someone must have been sleeping at the Roland factory), replaced terminal for molex connector #12. Replaced power line terminals. Recalibrated. Tested systematically and completely multiple times and working perfectly.


The unit described and shown here has been sold but we have another we can meticulously service - please email us.

This is definitely one of our favorite Rolands, and one of our favorite monosynths of all time as well.  There are 2 LFOs, 2 oscillators, a ring modulator, sample and hold, a great multimode filter, and a very impressive second filter (a bandpass filter with the resonance), voltage controlled amplifier, and dual envelope generator sections.  This synth has much greater flexibility than most other mono synths, and allows signals to be routed through either or both of the filters (or no filter at all) for added tonal control. The SH5  is great for creating a wide range of interesting sounds, from musical tones to sound effects. We love it and think you will too.

Here's a video of this particular SH-5 in action: