Roland System-100 Model 101

Roland System-100 Model 101

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Roland System-100 Model 101 For Sale.

This Model 101 received a full restoration by our head repair tech. It was disassembled and cleaned inside and out. The keyboard bus bar and key contacts were cleaned. All potentiometers and switches were cleaned. The power supply and power line capacitors were replaced as a preventative measure and new molex connectors were installed for the bus bars. The side panel screws were replaced with a new set. Internal tuning trimpots were replaced to ease calibration and promote tuning stability and a factory defect causing slight LFO modulation of the VCO was corrected. This synth is working great and should hopefully continue to work well for many years to come. The time, love and money invested in this units restoration are reflected in its price.

Note: All Model 101 key contacts we have seen in recent times have been worn out to some degree. This unit is no exception. What this means is that, even after a proper cleaning, keys may sometimes retrigger. If this bothers you, we recommend using an external CV and gate source such as another keyboard, a MIDI to CV converter, or a CV gate sequencer.

The unit shown here has been sold but we have another we can prepare for you - email us after logging in and checking out pricing.