Roland System-100 Model 101

Roland System-100 Model 101

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Roland System-100 Model 101 For Sale.

This Model 101 received a full restoration by our head repair tech. It was disassembled and cleaned inside and out and meticulously serviced to work perfectly. I can't find the notes on it at this time, but rest assured, we didn't cut any corners here, and this synth is up to the high standards we have for all our Roland System 100 pieces. The time, love and money invested in this units restoration are reflected in its price.

Note: All Model 101 key contacts we have seen in recent times have been worn out to some degree. This unit is probably no exception. What this means is that, even after a proper cleaning, keys may sometimes re-trigger. If this bothers you, we recommend using an external CV and gate source such as another keyboard, a MIDI to CV converter, or a CV gate sequencer.

The unit shown below is the one for sale now.