Sequential Circuits Prophet-10

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 for sale. 

This dual keyboard synth is essentially two rev 3 Prophet 5 synthesizers with a sequencer in one beautiful massive package. 

The unit shown and described here has been sold. We have another we were planning on keeping that we MAY consider selling - please email us if seriously interested.

This unit came to us in pretty nice shape and has been fully refurbished and future-proofed to the highest standards to make it better than the rest and to hopefully keep it running flawlessly well into the future. This was a huge amount of work that makes it much more valuable than others on the market, though there will unfortunately always be other sellers who try to get our prices or just slightly less for way inferior instruments. 


This restoration required 65 hours of skilled labor and has resulted in a Prophet-10 that's working better than any others you will find anywhere.

Disassembled and cleaned inside and out. 
Power supply rebuilt.
Unit recalibrated.
All rubber key bushings replaced.
Cleaned bus bars.
Cleaned key contacts.
Adjusted key heights. 
Replaced ribbon connectors and ribbon cables.
Replaced battery. 
Reloaded patches.
Replaced tantalum capacitors.
Removed and cleaned all keys.
Jack washers and nuts replaced.
Replaced IC chips we see fail regularly, as a preventative measure.
Replaced 30 trimpots since old trimpots to improve stability.

The tape drive inside this unit is non-functional, as usual. Our tech says the rubber belt inside has deteriorated. We didn't look into it any further since we don't have any compatible tapes and, more importantly, nobody uses these tape drives anymore, so we're leaving it the way it is. All other features in this P10 is working exactly as they should. The Prophet-10 badge on the front right panel appears to be somewhat rippled and is slightly lifted on its left and right sides. Regardless, as you can see from the photos, this is one fine specimen!

This unit will probably ship in road case.

Here's another P10 in action, programmed and played by Jay Wires of The Synth Sanctuary electronic music studio in NYC.