Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 1 w/ MIDI

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 1 w/ MIDI

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Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 1 with Kenton MIDI for sale, meticulously refurbished, no expense spared.

We bought this item from a customer who said it was working fine. We had a feeling it wasn't, because they never are. And we were right. The entire process of sorting out its tricky problems and rebuilding it to work like new again took around 100 hours. The resulting instrument is most likely the best functioning, feeling and sounding example of its kind anywhere. At this point, we have so much time and money invested in it that we're only going to sell it if we can get a small fortune for it. If you're just looking for any prophet-5, search our website for others and get a rev 3 machine. If you're a serious Prophet-5 head and you want the best rev 1 money can buy, make us a serious offer and we may sell it. If not, we're fine keeping it and enjoying it in our studio. 

There were reportedly less than 200 of these rev 1 Prophet-5s made, and some if not all of them were made in Dave Smith's garage. How many are working perfectly and a real pleasure to play today, like this one is?