Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 2

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 2

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Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 2 for sale. This unit has been completely overhauled and is clean inside and out and in top working order. This process took a whopping 50 hours because we're perfectionists here and we pushed our tech hard to get it working absolutely perfectly, and tuning better than these normally do. We do this a lot, and at great expense, but in the end our customers appreciate 40 year old items that were only meant to last a few years yet that we get to work like new or better. The price is set high to reflect the fact that this rev 2 machine works better than others we've seen. If it doesn't sell, we will happily keep using it in our studio. 

Update: The unit shown here has been sold. We have another we may be able to prepare for sale but it's going to be very expensive due to the huge amount of time and money it costs to whip them into shape.

The P5 is one of the most popular synths of the late 70s and early 80s. Most pro synth players back then had at least one of these, and for good reason. It was one of the first programmable polysynths and it sounded great. 2 oscillators, resonant lowpass filter, LFO, oscillator sync, white noise, 2 envelopes and an interesting polymod section so you could modulate osc 1, filter or pulse width with the filter envelope or oscillator 2 - essential for FM sounds and that Cars "sync lead" patch. And then there's the fat unison mode, portamento and a classy wooden enclosure... It would probably be easier to list which famous old synth musicians DIDN'T use one of these than to list which ones did, but a few of the ones who did are: Vince Clarke, Level 42, Soft Cell, Tony Banks, Devo, Boddicker, Kate Bush, Journey, Phil Collins, Abba, Hall and Oates, Larry Fast, Tangerine Dream, Jerry Harrison / Talking Heads, Bernie Worrell, New Order (Blue Monday!), Alan Parsons Project, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Steve Winwood and let's not forget Naked Eyes.

The Prophet-5 came in 3 revision types - Revs 1, 2, and 3. The rev 1 and 2 machines used SSM chips, while the later rev 3's used CEMs.  Some people feel the older SSM chips sound warmer and that the rev 2's are the best Prophet-5's because they've got that SSM sound and are a lot more reliable than the rev 1's.  WE love ALL Prophet 5's, but we've never compared the revisions side by side. If we did that, we'd never want to sell anything.

Estimated preparation time: 0-2 weeks.