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Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3 MIDI

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3 MIDI

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Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 3 with MIDI for sale. 

This one's a Rev 3.2 / Rev 3.3 MIDI, with 120 patches.

We sold this unit to a customer over a decade ago and recently bought it back. It came to us in really good shape, but as time goes by, we identify more preventative measures we can take with the p5s we sell to get them up to our high standards, so we paid our tech for 14 hours of work servicing this unit to make sure it'd be nice and clean inside and out, working perfectly and hopefully more reliable than the rest for its next owner.  This is a lot less time than we need to spend on typical P5s we get in which always need a full rebuild, but that's because we fully serviced it the last time we sold it.

The work we did was as follows:
Replaced front panel metal Prophet-5 badge with new one.
Replaced power cable.
Replaced tantalum capacitors on CPU board, panel board and voice board.
Replaced molex connector terminals.
Replaced molex connector pins.
Replaced battery.
Replaced 4051s on panel pcb.
Cleaned and lubed all pots.
Replaced terminals for MIDI.
Reloaded what we believe are the factory patches.
Replaced jack nuts and washers.
Adjusted offsets poly mod section.
There may have been additional work that I'm leaving out. 

Photos show the unit currently available for sale.