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Sequential Circuits Prophet-600

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600

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Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 for sale. Meticulously overhauled by the most critical professionals around and working perfectly (us). This took approximately 10 hours of skilled labor and the end result is a machine that's in top working order
which will hopefully outlast all others you may find.

sn539x. The unit shown in the photos below (not the video) is the actual unit for sale.

The Prophet600 is one of our favorite polyphonic synthesizers from the early 80's. It was SCI's updated version of the Prophet-5 with more memory, MIDI, a built in sequencer and an arpeggiator. There's a really cool unison mode with chord latch feature for instant 1 finger chord triggering and it's got all the knobs and features you would expect from an old analog synth and more. Using it's poly-mod mode or oscillator sync, you can create weird ring modulation type sounds and sweeping oscillator synced tones, plus all of the warm and fat sounds typical of Sequential Circuits Inc. gear - fat basses, sweet sweeps, warm strings, harsh distorted type sounds, bleeps and bloops, etc. We love this synth because it's just as good at making sound effects as it is for making pleasant musical tones, it's programmable, and its got MIDI.