Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

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Sequential Circuits Prophet VS for sale. We love these because there's nothing else like them but hate them because we always notice weird glitches in them that end up costing us a fortune to correct - these are very complicated machines that even the most experienced synth techs find challenging to work on. This unit will be fully overhauled prior to sale. The high cost of doing so is reflected in its price.

The Prophet VS is well-loved by many for its beautiful evolving digital tones. It contains many interesting digital synth waveforms and allows the user to crossfade between 4 of them at a time using the built in joystick. You can get some terrific sounds out of the VS which you can't get out of any other vintage synth. From the classic late 80s digital synthpop sounds to crazy modern glitchy ones. The VS has a really useful feature that automatically generates random patches. This model combines unique digital oscillators with warm analog filters and a massive unison mode. Great for ambient or new age music, smooth jazz, techno, synthpop and you name it. We like it best for pads, strings, strange morphings sounds and sharp bass. 

Famous users include Erasure, Nine Inch Nails (NIN), Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, John Carpenter and many others.