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Studio Electronics MidiMini

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Studio Electronics MidiMini for sale. Fully serviced by professionals and working great.

Best known for its beefy bass and funky lead lines, the vintage Model D Minimoog can generate lots of other analog sounds - from musical to sound effects. The Mini has such a smooth, fat and powerful sound that nearly every modern virtual analog synth (and many hardware synths) were designed to sound like it. But they never quite capture that magic.

Its sweet sound can be heard all over music from the 70s to today. Notable Minimoog users include: Kraftwerk, Parliament / P-Funk (and lots of Dr. Dre productions), Depeche Mode, Keith Emerson, Devo, Vince Clarke, Bernie Worrell, Steve Winwood, Jan Hammer, David Frank, Geoff Downes, Gary Wright, Herbie Hancock, Gary Numan, Rick Wakeman, etc, etc, etc.

Years ago, Studio Electronics used to have people send them their Minimoog so they could turn it into a rackmounted MIDIMoog - they'd remove the circuit boards and toss the chassis. Great idea at the time I guess, but this definitely reduced the number of intact Minimoogs out there. So finally - maybe because they realized how horribly destructive this was - or maybe because they ran out of victims - or maybe for none of those reasons :) -  they decided to faithfully reproduce the circuitry inside the Minimoog rather than destroying more beautiful instruments. They called this the MIDIMini, and that's what you see here. For all practical purposes, this is a beautiful 4 space rackmounted Minimoog with some really really useful improvements over the original Mini. We feel it's more reliable than a vintage model D Minimoog because it's newer and therefore generally much more reliable than most neglected vintage Mini's out there that are around 20 years older.  (The previous statement of course does not include the meticulously overhauled minimoogs we sell!) Not only does the MIDI MINI  fit in a much smaller space and weigh a lot less than the original Mini -  It's also got MIDI built in.  That's right - no need to fuss with a MIDI to CV convertor and figure out how to hook it up to that crazy S trigger connector thingy.  It also responds to aftertouch and velocity, pitch bend and modulation wheel data. An extra LFO for vibrato, so you don't have to tie up the 3rd oscillator for this as you would on a stock Mini Moog.  AND it's also got oscillator sync, which can be swept by an envelope generator for that Cars distorted guitarish lead sound everyone knows and loves! It's also got switchable note priority modes.  This unit makes a nice alternative to an original Minimoog due to its improvements, portable package and greater reliability.  

Photos are not yet available, so any images here show a previously sold unit.

Estimated preparation time: 1-4 weeks.