Univox Maxikorg Korg DV800

Univox Maxikorg Korg DV800

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Univox Maxikorg K-3 Korg DV800 for sale.

Meticulously overhauled, sparing no expense, so it would be as good as possible and hopefully reliable well into the future for its next owner. This results in a Maxi-Korg that's way better than others you may find and justifiably more costly too. 

Apart from any repairs that may have been necessary, here's what our tech did to this unit, though these notes may be incomplete:

Cleaned inside and out.
Cleaned and lubed all slide pots.
Cleaned and lubed all rotary switches.
Replaced traveler pots for perfect crackle-free performance and smooth operation.
Replaced power supply capacitors as a future-proofing measure.
Cleaned up keyboard.
Cleaned and lubed key contacts.
Burn in test.
Systematic testing several times / all tests passed with flying colors.

The original wood on these is almost always in poor shape and this was no exception, so we replaced it with replicas. As you can see from the photos, this synth looks gorgeous now! Note: The metal door on the back that normally stores the power cord when the unit is not in use is bent and the latch is no longer working. 

This is quite a powerful analog synth.  It's actually two classic Minikorgs in one keyboard.  The strengths of this unit are the dual filters, allowing lowpass, highpass and bandpass filtering, ring modulation, and, of course, a warm classic analog synth sound.  This is one of our favorite synths for leads, but it's capable of making a very wide range of sounds.