Yamaha YS200

Yamaha YS200

$ 399.99

Yamaha YS200 For Sale

This is one cool looking synthesizer that features what we suspect may be the world's biggest volume knob on a synth ever. (Let us know if we're wrong). Its synth engine appears to be a 4 operator FM TX81z engine with simplified controls (we'll let you confirm this on Google), a sequencer and an effects processor. 

We paid our tech to replace the original battery with a new one. Some of the buttons require a harder push than others, but all work. This may or may not improve with use. If not, the tact switches can be replaced. We normally do this work to our more valuable items, but can't justify paying our tech to do this for a low value item like this. However, we can do this for you for an extra fee if you wish - email us.