This month at  Tone Tweakers Inc., we're refurbishing one of the first Moog modular systems ever made.  This monstrous museum piece is so old, many of the modules are hand-wired prototypes pre-dating serial numbers. It's a pleasure working on this beautiful and incredible-sounding piece of synthesizer history. This one's not for sale, but we do have other fully restored vintage Moog modulars available.

Ever since Prince died, we've been getting lots of requests for the Linn LM-1 Drum Computerwhich is no surprise considering it was a big part of his classic early 80's sound.  We're nearly done fully refurbishing three of them. LM1 #1 has been sold to a very talented house music producer here in the US. #2 we got from our friend Vince Clarke of Erasure, whose new album " World Be Gone" will be out on May 19th. This LM1, now pimped out with brand new super-smooth faders, is part of the beatbox arsenal at  The Synth Sanctuary . #3 is an early version with engraved buttons that belonged to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Wilson is credited as having used this machine on "Til I Die", one of the first pop songs to feature a programmable drum machine. 

We've been restoring quite a few vintage synths for others lately - an Orchestron for the Buchla virtuoso half of  Reed and Caroline , a Polyfusion Modular, an Oxford Oscar, a Memorymoog Plus, vintage Model D Minimoog, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, etc. If your precious vintage synth needs an overhaul, please get in touch! 

We just received a pleasant surprise in the mail from our pal Billy Corgan 
of  The Smashing Pumpkins  - an absolutely gorgeous limited edition 5-record box set of his musical interpretation of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. Recorded at Madame ZuZu's, his tea shop / art studio in the Chicago suburbs, this live performance featured the massive modular synth originally used on Corgan's solo album,  TheFutureEmbrace . We haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but the artwork is fabulous. Also included are a WPC hat and even a Stylophone (the original pocket synthesizer), making it the coolest box set ever! Thanks Billy! Order yours  here

We just bought a big, fragile vintage keyboard from a customer across the country. We like to work out all logistics on our end to minimize the burden on the seller and to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are thorough and like to keep our customers in the loop. This customer wrote: "I appreciate the honest and detailed response. I wish every company were as "on it" as you guys are".  It's a shame that these days anyone who does their job right is considered exceptional. This should be the norm! As perfectionists, we work very hard here and take great pride in what we do. It really makes us happy when others acknowledge that we're "on it". :)

And that's all for now. Thanks as always for your interest and support. We're here to help if you need us.

Tone Tweakers Inc.